Self-centeredness, Christian Worldview and Marketing

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Published on: August 17, 2013

When I watch TV I tend to observer the worldview being promoted and understand how I would respond if given the opportunity. Lately, I’ve noticed that commercials and shows have promoted the idea of entitlement. You hear it when words like “deserve” or “owed” or “need” are used. Nice home and luxury cars are not optiinal anymore… You work hard… You deserve those things. Nevermind the millions of people living in other parts of the world in perpetual poverty… They must not be as worthy as you. It is easy to think that way even as a Christian. “I deserve to be blessed by God with a good job, a good home, a loving wife, obedient children, and health.” It is not just the prosperity folks that think this way. I often find thoughts like that creeping in to my own mind. It is times like that when the cross of Christ should remind us what we all truly deserve… death and judgement. It is not wrong to enjoy the good things we are given, either through hard work or the generousity of others. The problem is when we buy into the idea that we are entitled to those things. When that happens we leave the Christian worldview and follow the way of the world’s thinking. So, the next time you are watching TV and see a commercial that panders to an entitlement mindeset, recognize that fact and remember the cross and what we truly deserve yet do not get.

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