The Postmodern Gospel

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Published on: August 9, 2004

Well, I have attempted to weigh in on the justification controversy by trying to understand the basis on which the federal vision (rC) folks build their case. Since it is difficult to pin them down on an objective argument (from Scripture) why we should exclude the idea of justification by grace alone through faith alone from the essential elements of the gospel, I have concluded that their foundational principal must be found elsewhere.

I believe this foundation to be none other than the dreaded postmodern view!!! They may differ on various points of doctrine but seem unified on their adherence that we cannot sufficiently understand the Bible so as to “parse” the doctrine of Sola Fide from its pages and insist that to add to the perfect work of Christ and attempt to offer our filthy rags of righteousness on the altar of God is “another gospel”.

Therefore I must conclude that, however they package their arguments and try to persuade us of their devotion to the true and historical church, at the end of the day they offer us no more that the liberal German critics who try to remove meaning from words and leave us as the gentiles were before Pentecost… “without Christ, without hope and without God in this world”.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Way off base, bro.
    >>>Kevin D. Johnson

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