Ecumenism Presupposes Postmodernism

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Published on: April 6, 2005

Since the death of the Pope there has been much discussion on Roman Catholicism and the differences between protestantism. On one side you have some people using this as an opportunity to demonstrate the great errors of the Romish gospel, while others have focused on the social/moral commonalities. While I fall into the former camp, my goal with this blog entry is not to discuss that issue. What I do want to mention is that the ecumenicism of the latter group brought some things to mind.

My first observation is that this type of ecumenism presupposes postmodernism. What do I mean by that? The blurring of the importance of specific contradictary propositional statements leads to a blurring of the distinction between contradictary propositional statements in general. When we fail to recognize that the gospel proclaimed by protestants is opposed foundationally to that proclaimed by Roman Catholics, we must by extension retreat from the position that truth is objective and that the law of non-contradiction is valid and universally binding with regard to logic and thought. That kind of thinking already assumes that neither side is EXCLUSIVELY right even though at face value, the claims made by each side are mutually exclusive of each other. (more…)

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